want to help?

How can we count the ways? Actually, quite easily although they are many and varied depending on your personal preferences.


If you are an outdoors-y type you may be keen on joining our staunch band of trampers and trappers. This isn't for the faint hearted, but if you are an experienced tramper/hunter with a high level of fitness then please contact us. Safety is of paramount importance so we’ll make sure you’re trained and properly equipped. Email us at moaconservationtrust@gmail.com


Not so keen on all that exercise nonsense, but like the sound of birdsong when it’s in your neck of the woods? Then you can help us by buying a trap. Or two, or ten! Or you could sponsor a trap, by paying for a year’s worth of bait. We also need funds to buy a couple more Personal Locator Beacons (PLBs). We have these in case one of our tramping crew get lost or there’s an accident out in the bush.


We’re a registered charity so your donations are tax deductible. You help to wipe out a possum or stoat and get some money back - what a bonus!


However, it’s not all about the money. We’d be grateful for any time you can give too. We need volunteers to help with administration, fundraising and event management. Email us
at moaconservationtrust@gmail.com to find
out more.


Everyone donating funds, goods or time are acknowledged as Friends of Moa Conservation Trust for the calendar year the donation is made.


CLICK HERE to download a donation form.

Photo: Jack Mace

The A24 is a state of the art trap which kills in seconds, releases the carcass and reloads automatically. These are being used for trapping stoat.

David Hallet for Department of Conservation Te Papa Atawhai

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